We would love your help to better understand gig pay rates for Circus in the events industry!  Circus entertainment as a service for events is an important part of the landscape in how professional performers make a living.

We are gathering this information to help assess the market value we are placing on our entertainment in the events industry.  We are looking for established rates per performer, for one-off gig work, in the US.  

We've created a detailed survey to get some hard data on what gig pay rates are currently.  All answers are anonymous and we'd love your feedback!

It’s broken down into sections for 

  1. Rates paid to performers by entertainment companies or agencies that handle booking
  2. Rates that performers charge to clients or event planners when handling their own booking 
  3. Rates that companies or agencies charge to clients when booking performers

And there are further subsections inside aimed at equally comparing apples to apples when it comes to the wide range of possibilities with gig pay rates.

We would love help from Circus Professionals that perform or book work in the events industry by:

Take the Gig Pay Survey!

Thank you!

Ileigh Reynolds & Brock Rylander

Co-owners of Circus Boss