We help circus artists become confident entrepreneurs!

Hey, I'm Ileigh (eye-lee)(she/her) and my goal is to support you in knowing your value, standing out from the crowd, and building a sustainable business.

At Circus Boss, my wife Brock and I specialize in supporting freelance performers and companies booking entertainment at events, and circus coaches and aerial studios with their finances, marketing, and sales strategies.

I performed for other companies for years, with a career as divergent as my thoughts! From modern dance, physical theater and circus, to performing arts venues, cruise ships and the events industry, I loved my time choreographing and performing throughout the US, South and Central America, and the Caribbean.

But in my heart I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start my own company.
So, when I finally took the leap in 2006, I learned the hard way that my BFA in Dance, and all my performing experience hadn’t taught me jack sh*t about running my own business! Since I was so headstrong, I figured it all out, and learned a lot of things the hard way.

With Animate Objects Productions, we designed and produced entertainment for Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Expedia and a gazillion more high profile clients.

Now, after 25+ years of performing and 15 years of running our company, we’re sharing our business knowledge and paying it forward to the next generation of circus innovators.

You’re a boss in the studio and on stage, and we’re here to help you rock your biz like the Circus Boss that you are!