Three Ring Face Covering

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Half gold lycra with metallic star print, half holographic red and silver vertical stripes with cotton lining

Face Mask, Face Covering, Dust Mask, Washable Face Mask

Double layer non-medical face mask. Not intended as a substitute for N-95 masks or medical grade PPE. For your safety, please maintain social distance even when wearing your mask.

Handmade in Seattle, WA USA.

Outer layer: spandex

Inner layer: cotton


Mask Options: 

  • ‘Head Ties’ are made from comfortable stretch spandex
  • Adult size fits most, for larger adult size, we recommend Head Ties option
  • Child size fits most children age 4-9
  • All masks include bendable nose clip for a snug fit and an inner pocket to add more layers of filtration if you’d like. (paper towel, coffee filter, etc)



Wash and/or sanitize hands before putting on or taking off mask. Wear mask over your nose and mouth and secure under your chin. Once mask is on, adjust the nose clip to fit snugly over the bridge of nose. Avoid touching the mask while wearing. To remove your mask, handle it only by the ear loops or ties. Wash hands after removing your mask.



Remove the nose clip from inner pocket prior to washing. Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle with mild detergent and warm water. Place masks with sequins in a mesh laundry bag before washing. Hang dry only.


Thanks for supporting our small business! Stay healthy!