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Get the business strategies and artistic clarity you need, the motivation to get things done and a community to applaud you along the way!


Are you a circus pro ready to show up and be part of a kick ass community?

Join us in actively working on the business and artistic side of your career together! 


👉  Are you struggling to reinvent yourself or find a sustainable way to make it through the pandemic?

👉  Do things like pricing, contracts, client negotiations and lack of a marketing plan keep you from reaching your goals?

👉  Are you held back by creative blocks or lack of inspiration?


✨  Imagine if you had access to industry experts to demystify what feels out of reach.

✨  Imagine if you had a place to workshop your new act, demo reel or audition video and get REAL feedback.

✨  Imagine if you could practice tough conversations, share what keeps you up at night or be honest about your fears.

✨  Imagine if you could confidently apply business strategies to your career and be your own BOSS?



🎪 Circus Boss Lab 🎪

In this monthly membership, you’ll get knowledge and strategies to skyrocket your career, be challenged to be vulnerable and grow, and be held accountable to show up for yourself and your peers.  It's a safe space to learn, experiment, and hone your ideas! (and for some silly backstage banter!)


Here’s what you get

  • 3 mini-lessons per month for sustained growth 
  • Weekly ask-me-anything videos to get your most urgent questions addressed fast
  • Monthly masterclasses to learn strategies and systems to fast track your success
  • Monthly industry expert interviews to clear up confusion and give you confidence
  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook group for serious momentum, transformation and networking

    What’s the investment?

    ⭐️  Only $75/month! ⭐️

    No contracts and cancel anytime.

    If you are out of work due to Covid-19 and even this low rate is out of reach, we're offering a discounted rate of $37.50/month until you can get back to work.  Use the promo code SOLIDARITY in checkout. See FAQ for more info.


    Who is this for? 

    🎯  This is for you if you're serious about making a financially sustainable livelihood from your circus skills and are ready to view your career from a business mindset.  Whether you’re in the prime of your career or just starting out, we can support you in auditioning, act creation, self-producing, or all things related to performing at events or contract work

    You can also apply these strategies to turn your teaching or studio into a thriving business, running a performance company or even monetizing your skills through passive income or a merchandise side hustle.  

    This isn’t for you if aerial is just a hobby or something you do for fitness.  We’ll bore you with financial statements, marketing plans, contract language, tech riders and things you will probably NEVER have to worry about!  



    Where does the Lab take place?

    •   Lessons are hosted in our VIP Member Vault, and you’ll get access to a private Facebook group community doing the work together. You don’t need a FB account to participate, but it maximizes your work through group momentum and accountability - and that's where the virtual glitter parties happen! 

    Does the Lab include personal coaching?

    •   The Lab is great for DIY style learners with the added support in the FB group. If you need more personalized support with 1:1 coaching, quarterly masterminds and more, you'd be a good fit for our Circus Boss Mentorship.  You can join the Lab now and level up to Mentorship starting December 14th.  Stay tuned for more info...

    How do I join the group once I pay?

    • You'll receive a welcome email from with full instructions within 24 hours. Please check your spam or promotions folder, and if you don't see anything please email us!
    • After your first month, you'll get an invite to renew and set up a recurring monthly payment to stay in the Lab.

    How does the Covid-19 SOLIDARITY rate work?

    • The pandemic has affected everyone differently, so we don't want lack of income to be a barrier to this work. When pandemic restrictions are lifted everywhere, we will no longer be offering this price.  Until then, we ask for two things:
    • 1) Our relationship with you is founded in trust. We trust you to be honest with your financial situation, just like you trust us to guide you on a path of transformative learning. 
    • 2) Show up, be engaged and do the work. It's our goal to help you find a meaningful livelihood, and there are many creative ways to make that happen, even before the pandemic is 'over'
    • We'll check in every quarter, and when your income has stabilized, we'll set a date to bump you up to the standard rate.